Portafolio de evidencias de ingles

“Portafolio de Evidencias”

Alumna: Mayra Cecilia López Reséndiz.

Prof.: Yolanda Ramírez González.

Grado y Grupo: 4º “A”

“Centro Escolar Valle de Anáhuac”


Ingles II.

1. – Present Tense.
1.1. -Present Tense Examples.
2. – Diagnosis.
3. –Future Will.
4. – Future Continous.
5. – Past: Tobe: Was/Were.
6. – Past Progressive.
7. – Exercise.
8. – Verbs.

Present Tense.
Affirmative:+ to be + complement
YOU am, is, are

Negative: + to be + not + complement

am, is, are I am not = I`m not

Interrogative: is not = isn´t


I am in Canada
You are ugly
He is hungry
She is bad
It is big
We are in Acapulco
They are fad

I don`trun in the park
You don`t dance in the teather
He doesn`t write a book
She doesn`t speak with mom
It doesn`t call with you
We don`t dream beautiful
They don`t wash a car

Do I run in the park?
Do you swim in the pool?
Does he eat hamburger?
Does she dancing in the teather?
Does it read a book?
Do we buy clothes?
Do they travel in Canada?
Write a Sentence.
1. -Present to be.
+ I am in Canada
– You are in Acapulco
? Are they in México?

2.- Present Progressive.
+ She is running in the park
– We aren`t washing clothes
? Is he dancing tango in the teather?

3.- Present Tense.
+ We climb the mountain
– They don`t buy clothes
? Do you swim in the pool?

4.- Present tense ( verb)
+He writes a letter
– She doesn`t paint a ardue?
? Does it order room?

5.- Past tobe
+You were in Puerto Rico
-She wasn`t read a book
? Where they in Canada?

6.- Past Progressive
+You were buying clothes
-She wasn`t calling aimee
? Was he singing in the movie teather?

7.- Past tense (verbs)
+You ate hamburger
-He doesn`t read a book
? Do you buy a jeans?

Future will

1) What will you do in the future?
2) Idiomatic Future: going to
What are you going to the in thefuture?
Future: Continous.
What will you be doing in the future?
3) Affirmative: + will + VSF + Complement
Negative: + to be + not + going to + VSF + complement
Interrogative: To be + + going to + VSF + complement + ?

1) Affirmative
I will watch T.V in my house
You will travel in the car
He will run in the park
She will eat hamburger in the restaurant
It will walk inthe street
We will wash clothes
They will plain a circule

2) Negative
I won`t swim in the pool
You won`t drive my car
He won`t buy jeans and shorts
She won`t dream with a her son
It won`t cook a cake
We won`t open the door
They won`t work in the afternoon

3) Interrogative
Will I sweep the flour?
Will you draw a triangule?
Will he win five bags?
Will she kiss Cheqo?
Will it steal apenal?
Will we make six magazines?
Will they go to Acapulco?

Future Continous
Affirmative: + Will + be + Verb + ing + complement
Negative: + won`t + be + Verb + ing + complement
Interrogative: Will + + be + Verb + ing + complement + ?

I am going to write a letter
You are going to clean a car
He is going to travel the next week
She is going to look a boy in the cinema
Itis going to visit my grandmother.
We are going to make the homework
They are going to dance pop in the cinema

I won’t be singing pop
You won’t be studing with me
He won’t be thinking a car
She won’t be bullding a car
It won’t be speaking with me
We won’t be dreaming with me
They won’t be ordening a room

Will I be washing a car?
Will you be cleaning clothes?
Will he befighting a going?
Will she be repairing it?
Will it be proving that?
Will we be looking for something?
Will they be loving you for ever?

The next Saturday, will wape up at all 11 a.m ,
I will take a shower, and then dess, eat pizza and drink soda, I will dance in they antro. Saturday: I will eat enchiladas, meet and soup; I se will see my boyfriend and will going to plaza las Flores.

Past: to be…