Arte de la guerra

The Art of War by Sub-Tzu


Sun Tzu was a Chinese author of The Art of War, an immenselyinfluential ancient Chinese book on military strategy. He is also one of the earliest realists in international relations theory. The name Sun Tzu is an honorific title bestowed upon Sun Wu, theauthor’s name. The character wu, meaning «military», is the same as the character in wu shu, or martial art. Sun Wu also has a courtesy name, Chang Qing

It is a book on tactics and military strategies,inspired by Sun Tzu, a famous military author. In it Sun Tzu explains to the detail the preparations before the war: strategies of deception, disposition of the troops in the battlefield, necessaryarmament, c, etc. How to be able to conquer the enemy without having to get to the face-to-face c: simply imposing a dominant morality, unfusing the fear of the enemy to be able to win without comingto the battle.

The war is the best way of liberating violence and suffering, for Sun Tzu is more important to defeat the enemy without fighting , he says know the enemy very well to takeadvantage of it, managing to attack specific points without need to inflict more damage of the necessary one and to obtain the victory.

The Art of war, though it is a book that recommends strategiesto consolidate the victory in a war, seeking to squash the enemy, using of thousands of tactics, snares, perfidies, deceptions, also it is a text that it is possible to apply to other disciplinesignoring of the part that damages the enemy and looking for the common benefit of the parts protagonists.

Personal Opinion

Actually, this book serves us now in this great war that is lived day afterday inside the competitive, example in business, we can see that the art of war not only applies to in the battlefield, the man is using it for all the things that he realizes, and being a…