Conclusion political system mexico

The 20th century was a century of political struggle so a country that respected the citizens and the state would be established. It began with Francisco I. Madero who broughtdemocracy to the people, and it went on with many other presidents who made big changes to the politic system back then.
Talking about the Mexican Political System of the 20th Century, itcomes to our minds the hegemonic power that was held by the Institutional Revolutionary Power, all over the country. On the afternoon of October 2nd of 1968, thousands of students decideto raise their voices and demonstrate their unconformities; but what was the answer of the government at that time, to make peace by murdering innocent people so they could appear as thegood ones?
At the time we can look back at an authoritarian government, where there was supposedly democracy actually, there were none. The response of the government to any kind ofaltercate was violence, besides all kind of politics, was filled with corruption and censure. At the time the president was Gustavo Diaz Ordaz who is one of the most criticized andcontroversial figures of politics. It certainly improved the industrial and agrarian sectors, but showed no kind of mercy to the students’ controversies, when they were only asking forbetter working and economical conditions.
The lack of freedom dominated our country back then. As the time passed the rest of the presidents were making big decisions and changing thehistory, opening our country to new global processes and opening themselves to international trade. But also crisis were present at the time. So in my opinion instead of getting stronger,our political system actually was getting weaker.
It was not until the Partido de Acción National won the elections, and on November 30th of 2000 the PRI’s reign was over at last.