About the TKT preparation course, the test and task types

TKT tests knowledge about the teaching of English to speakers of other languages. This knowledge includes concepts related to language and language use, and the background to and practice of language learning and teaching. The tests contain a range of tasks with a total of 80 objective format questions.
The testing syllabusfor TKT has theoretical, practical and management strands. These are all universal aspects of what a successful teacher of English will need to know. The syllabus for module 1 is:
Module 1 – Language and background to language learning and teaching

This module covered these content areas:
• Describing language and language skills
• Background to language teaching
• Background to languagelearning.
Now read about a general description of the TKT exam and the task types in the exam. It is important that you become familiar with the format and task types of the exam. Knowing and understanding this will help you succeed on the day of the exam as you will already be familiar with the format of the exam, and not loose any time trying to figure out the task type.
These strategies willhelp you achieve a good grade or band. The TKT is scored in bands. Check the Candidate Handbook for more details on scoring.


No. of questions 80
Task types: Objective tasks, such as one-to-one matching; 3/4/5-option matching; 3-option multiple choice and odd one out.
Answer format For all parts of this module, candidates indicate their answers byshading the correct lozenges (ovals) on their answer sheets.
Candidates should use a pencil and mark their answers firmly.
Candidates should use an eraser to rub out any answer they wish to change.
Marks Each question carries one mark.
This module tests candidates’ knowledge of terms and concepts common in English language teaching. It also focuses on the factors underpinning thelearning of English and knowledge of the range and functions of the pedagogic choices the teacher has at his/her disposal to cater for these learning factors.

TKT Task Types
Four task types are used in TKT.
|Task Type 1 |Examples of Task Type. Matching |
| ||
|MATCHING |Example 1. One-to-One Matching |
| | |
| |Here you match one number with a letter. For example 5 A, andwould shade question 5 on your |
| |answer sheet with the letter A. |
| | |
| |1 If I see him, I.ll give him your letter.|
| |2 She.s working in Sao Paolo. |
| |3 been to China. |
| |4 If I were you, I.d talk to him about it. |
||5 She was running along the High Street when I saw her. |
| | |
| | |
| |A present…