Temas varios

The exotic Guajira

I’m the daughter of the exotic Guajira
I was born on Feb. 13 in Riohacha capital of La Guajira in full Carnival of the cultural festivals held in my beautiful region, which iswhy the joy and flavor make it an essential part of my life…. «La Guajira Peninsula is considered a lovely where you find a world of contrasts generated by the physical characteristics that standbetween the golden sand deserts, the color of an emerald sea and the starry night skies that decorate every corner of this area of immense and unique beauty. Its appeal is exotic, unexpected, and offersscenery that usually conquer the eyes of its visitors, starting with the route Riohacha – Cabo de La Vela, which are seen mangrove forests and lakes, reaching the impressive salt Manaure , hence,continue your journey to finally reach the Cape of La Vela and entranced watching the amazing beaches and colorful Caribbean Sea.

Our economy depends on trade, fisheries, mining,tourism, handicrafts and services. Agriculture and livestock play a secondary line. Trade is located in Riohacha and in the border city of Maicao. Coal is exploited in the mines of Cerrejón, the SaltManaure and major gas fields. Agriculture is mainly subsistence occurs sesame, rice, sorghum, cotton, cassava, sugar cane and snuff.

La Guajira is bounded on the north by theCaribbean Sea on the east by the Caribbean Sea and the sister Republic of Venezuela, on the south by Cesar Department and on the west by the department of Magdalena and the Caribbean Sea. It’sconsidered the northernmost department of Colombia and South America meet at the north end of the country and the plains of the Caribbean, is located between 10 ° 23 ‘and 12 ° 28’ north latitude and 71 ° 06 ‘and 73 ° west longitude 39’de. It has a surface 20.848km2 representing 1.8% of national territory. In times past it subdivision to natural and cultural level, its being as follows: The Alta Guajira…