what is you commitment to your English learning process?

To begin I have to say that my commitment with the process of learning English is very important, since as professional open many doorsand teacher I can teach my students children that I have to charge the universal language that has a requirement, then to teach English allows to be updated and respond to the current demand.
Also Ihave to say that I have had a process in which I managed to learn every day more, under principles of discipline and dedication which has me to advance significant and teach children what I havelearned.

Para comenzar tengo que decir que mi compromiso con el proceso de aprendizaje de ingles es muy importante ya que como profesional me abre muchas puertas y como docente me permite enseñarle a losniños que tengo a mi cargo el idioma universal que se ha convertido en un requisito actual, por tanto enseñar ingles permite estar actualizado y responder a las demandas actuales.
También tengo quedecir que he tenido un proceso en el que he logrado aprender cada día más, bajo principios de disciplina y dedicación el cual me ha permitido avanzar significativamente y enseñarle a los niños lo quehe aprendido.

so far what have you learned about onglish this term?

Maybe the love and the music are the universal language that does not need interpreters and is suitable for any language andculture, but the English is the universal language.
I think that English can interact and to approach other words, have a language that pass anyone learn more when one speaks science and culture, is theofficial language that gives to stay current, to accede to texts that until today have not been translated, also know English breaks borders of communication and open doors in work question.

Tal vezel amor y la música son el lenguaje universal que no necesita interpretes y es apto para cualquier idioma y cultura, pero el inglés es el idioma universal.
Pienso que el ingles permite interactuar…