September massacres

Alma Burbano
10H History
Dec 2/09
W.C: 904
Dear Uncle,
Today my History teacher asked us to write a fictional story about the French Revolution, our current studytopic. We have already gone through many texts and I can proudly say I have learned things I never imagined and have expanded my horizon. I am telling you this because as you know, I am the worse onwriting stories, so I have decided to ask you for an epic favor. Please sit down and turn on your cigar, because this is an invitation for you to be my escort to the September Massacres, which Paris inlate summer of 1792. We are borrowing my father’s time machine, and the reason I chose you is because I trust in your experience as a history teacher and you are my confident.
Sincerely yours,Santiago.
With this shocking letter, I packed my bags and headed to my nephew´s house, hoping to take a trip that would change my life and would finally let see with my own eyes the September Massacres,which I had talked about to my students for several years now.
I arrived at my dear nephew’s house, only to find him wearing a costume assimilating the Sans Culottes, while I was dressed with mynormal teacher outfit. He just laughed at me and said. “Uncle! We are supposed to fit in!” Then, he handed me a pair of bleachers and other pieces of clothing to just fit in the revolutionaryenvironment.
We headed to speak with his dad and my sister in the biggest room of the house, and asked me to take well care of their son since in the French Revolution no one was safe, and children wereconsidered just like small adults.
The time machine is like nothing I have ever seen before, and is kept as a family secret in my sister´s house. If it became public disasters might happen, because eventhough a lot of mistakes have been committed in history, they have taught the society very valuable lessons and made the structure we have now a days. My brother in law is just like my brother, and…