Retos de la producción de alimentos

Challenges of food production in Mexico: three suggested solutions.
Population growth is one of the major challenges facing food production in Mexico because the more people there are,the greater should be the production and it will have the resources for such activity, the more vulnerable or poor people were faced with problems such as food shortages and live situations such asmalnutrition, famine, etc.. Then we can deduce that while the population would grow exponentially, food and resources would increase in much lower and, therefore, increasingly have more difference betweenthe amount of food and population.
Another challenge facing food production in Mexico is the overuse of resources, thus creating a greater demand for food, and as we all know all the resources usedby humans for food are limited, and when these resources are completed then you will get the biggest problem in food production because there will be no means to produce them.
Economic growth is one ofthe most serious problems facing food production because it creates greater demand for food, causing greater use of resources used in food production in Mexico.

One solution to thechallenges facing food production in Mexico’s agricultural food production, studies were performed on these foods and have concluded that about 80 000 species of plants are edible, but only We use about 100of them which provide about 90% of people are consuming food, either directly eaten by people, or indirectly by serving as food for cattle. Four of them: wheat, rice, corn and potato obtain more thanhalf of the agricultural food it consumes the entire world population.
Another solution that can be proposed are the additives are chemical substances, natural or synthetic, we add to food tofacilitate preservation, improve its appearance, flavor or color. In addition to these additives incorporated voluntarily to foods, certain chemicals are added indirectly in the packaging process, or…