Procedimientos de seguridad en lugares publicos

Hotel InspectIon program
Favoured practices

taBle oF contents
table of contents Introduction Zone 1: public areas Area 1.1: Lobby, public buildings and areas Area 1.2: Meeting rooms Zone 2: Bedrooms Area 2.1: Building conformity Area 2.2: Bedrooms Area 2.3: Bathrooms Zone 3: swimming pools Area 3.1: Pools Zone 4: Kids’ club Area 4.1: Guidelines and building(s) Area 4.2: Playground Zone 5: Bars and Discos Area 5.1: Building conformity Zone 6: restaurants and Dining Area 6.1: Building conformity Area 6.3: Service area Area 6.4: Buffet Zone 7: Kitchens Area 7.1: Reception and food storage area Area 7.2: Kitchen employees Area 7.3: Kitchen and equipment Area 7.5: Dishwashing area Area 6.2: General conditions and procedures Area 5.2: General environment and procedures Area 3.2: Jacuzzi and saunas 2 3 4 4 7 8 9 9 12 15 16 16 21 23 23 26 27 27 29 32 32 34 35 37 38 38 41 43 45 40

Area 1.3: Fire alarm network, emergency and evacuation procedures

Area 7.4: Food preparation and conservation

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HIP / Hotel InsPectIon Program Favoured Practices – transat tours canada Inc. – all rights reserved © september 2009


the Hotel Inspection Program (HIP) was developed to create an ongoing working partnershipbetween the hotels and the tour operator. together, we can ensure that we meet established health and safety norms that contribute to the well-being of our mutual clients. You can count on our staff both in montreal and at destination. We are here to conduct hotel inspections, and to support your endeavours to improve your establishment’s compliance with our guidelines. the inspection will proceedas follows: • • • step 1: Inspector will contact the hotel to suggest a date for the inspection (Ig). step 2: Inspection will be done on a samPlIng BasIs (duration of 1 to 11/2 day). step 3: a report including the results and observations will be sent to the hotelier. * should there be a particular issue requiring your immediate attention, it will be addressed at that time.

Please refer tothe chart below for our classification scale.
blue « green yellow orange red



31-40 %


51% +

Points are given for every criterion that is not met, or only partially met. the fewer points a hotel accumulates, the better its final result and general classification!

Wishing you a great season!
HIP TEAM, Transat Tours Canada

HIP / Hotel InsPectIon ProgramFavoured Practices – transat tours canada Inc. – all rights reserved © september 2009


Zone 1: pUBlIc areas
area 1.1: lobby, public buildings and areas
crIterIa #1 conDItIon oF lanDIng stage anD sIDeWalKs at Hotel entrance • crIterIa #2 this area is clean, free of garbage and in good condition.

lanDscapes, plants, FloWers anD VermIn • • • clean and attractive, these areas are free ofgarbage, vermin, intruders, or fire hazards. Hotel premises have adequate lighting. all electrical wires on hotel site are protected.

crIterIa #3

Floor anD carpets In Hotel entrances anD pUBlIc areas • • to avoid falls in case of rain, the floor is covered with a permanent carpet. OR a non-slip surface in the hotel entrance and in any other potentially dangerous public areas….