13.2 CHANGE EACH SENTENCE TO A NEGATIVE STATEMENT. USE CONTRACTIONS. 16. They are worried. ________________________. They’re happy. 17. He is left-handed. _________________________. He’s righthanded. 18. It’s late. _________________________. It’s only eleven o’clock. 19. Jason and Alice are in love. _______________________. They’re business partners. 20. I am an English teacher.___________________. I’m an English student. 21. We are in Mr. Johnson’s class. ________________________. We’re in Ms. Dano’s class. 22. You are worried about the test. _____________________. You’re very relaxed.

3.4 USE THE WORDS IN PARENTHESES TO WRITE YES/ NO QUESTIONS WITH BE. THEN COMPLETE THE SHORT ANSWERS. 23. A: _______________________(he / your roommate) B: No, he _________________ . He is my brother24. A: _______________________ (you / tired) B: Yes, we ________________. We’re very tired. 25. A: _______________________ (she / an adult) B: No, she ________________ . She’s a little girl. 26. A: _______________________ (they / in the telephone book) B: Yes, they _______________ . Their phone number is 722-5635. 27. A: _______________________ (it / midnight) B: No, it ___________________ . It’sonly 11:30. 28. A: _______________________ (I / late) B: Yes, you ________________ . You’re very late. 4.1 LOOK AT THE ENTRY FOR THE WORD. WRITE THE PROPER LETTER IN EACH CIRCLE. a) pronunciation c) first meaning d) part of speech e) number of syllables 29. 30. 31.

u • ni • verse

( yoon

vurs 1.



[[ L unus, + vertere, to turn ]] of all things that exist. 2.

The totality
32The world.

5.1 MATCH BOTH COLUMNS TO COMPLETE A CORRECT ORDER. 33. _____ the new lesson 34. _____ in a part time job 35. _____ to the explanation a)Listen b)Work c)Read

6. COMPARATIVES Cuando el adjetivo que se está utilizando tiene como máximo 2 sílabas se le agrega “er” al final de la palabra, agregando “than” para hacer la oración comparativa. Ejemplo: Ricardo Arjona is taller thanLuis Miguel. (Ricardo Arjona es más alto que Luis Miguel.) Para comparar 2 cosas o personas se le agrega “more” al adjetivo, agregando además “than”, para hacer la oración comparativa. Ejemplo: Luis Miguel is more handsome than Pablo Ruiz. (Luis Miguel es más guapo que Pablo Ruiz.)

6.1 COMPLETE EACH SENTENCE WITH THE CORRECT COMPARATIVE FORM OF THE ADJECTIVE IN PARENTHESES. 36. Paul is six feettall, and his father is five-feet-nine. Paul is __taller than (tall) his father. 37. The three-speed bike costs $80, and the five-speed one costs $150. the three – speed is ______________ (expensive) the five-speed. 38. Dolphins are mammals. They learn fast and they communicate with other dolphins. They are _______________(intelligent) fish. 39. The small car gets thirty miles to the gallon, andthe big car gets only twenty. The small car is ________________(economical) the big one. 40. I read two novels last month. Red Silk has an exciting plot and funny characters. West Street is ______________ (interesting) Red Silk. 41. I drive fast, but I’ve never gotten a speeding ticket. My sister has gotten several. She drives _____________(fast ) I do. 42. Love is ______________________(important) than money. 43. My physics course is ________________(difficult) my math course. 44. A dog is ___________________(intelligent) a chicken. 45. My cooking is ________________ (bad) my wife. 7. SUPERLATIVES Para resaltar la cualidad de una persona se utilizan los superlativos. Cuando el adjetivo que se está utilizando tiene como máximo 2 sílabas se la agrega al final “est” al final de la palabra.Ejemplo: Paul is the tallest of the school. (Paul es el más alto de la escuela.) Para formar el superlativo se agrega “most” antes del adjetivo, cuando el adjetivo que se usa tiene más de 2 sílabas. Ejemplo: Paul is the most intelligent of the school. (Paul es el más inteligente de la escuela)

7.1 COMPLETE THE SENTENCES USING SUPERLATIVES. 46. The Nile is ________________________(long) river…