Enterprise Digital Assistant

Easy to use…easy to carry… and built for business.

All-in-one enterprise functionality in a durable pocketable device
Keep your on-the-go employees connected to co-workers, clients, and your business systems with the MC35 Enterprise Digital Assistant from Motorola. The MC35, supporting EDGE GPRS/GSM, packs a new level of enterprise connectivity,functionality, durability and manageability in a small, easy-tocarry and easy-to-use device. Mobile voice and data communications, image capture and bar code scanning capabilities are right at the fingertips of mobile workers. Built-in durability delivers reliable performance, even with all day everyday use. With the MC35, sales personnel in the field, managers on the retail floor, and others remainproductive and ‘in the know’ — regardless of whether they are inside or outside the enterprise walls. And Motorola’s centralized management solution enables the deployment, updating and monitoring of devices all over the world at the press of button.

Comprehensive mobile voice and data functionality
The MC35 is purpose-built from the inside-out for voice and data communications. Voicefunctionality includes outstanding mobile voice quality and superior acoustic performance. Flexible voice modes include speakerphone, headset and pushto-talk for one-to-one and one-to-many voice communications. When it comes to data, the MC35 provides your workers with a reliable connection to email, messaging, the Internet and your business systems, as well as comprehensive data capture and PDA-likefunctionality. With the power of integrated voice and data, mobile workers can easily monitor and respond to the

many forms of business communications — from phone calls and email, to instant and text messages. Full email functionality includes the ability to download and view attachments. The onboard color camera offers dual functionality — users can toggle between image capture and bar codereading capabilities by simply pressing a switch on the side of the device. The integrated Cam Wedge application instantly decodes any 1D or 2D bar codes, enabling a wide range of on-thespot bar code scanning applications. And access to personal productivity tools such as calendars and address books help workers remain organized and productive throughout the workday.

FEATURES Business-essentialdurability Ability to withstand everyday use in a variety of environments Tested and validated vertical applications Many enterprise applications enable robust functionality outof-the-box; significantly reduces application development time and costs Intel’s latest processor: XScale PXA270 @ 416 MHz Desktop-like multimedia performance with lower power requirements

Microsoft’s latest operatingsystem: Windows Mobile 5.0 Phone Edition Comprehensive voice and data enterprise functionality, including multimedia support, persistent memory Speakerphone, headset and push-to-talk functionality Flexible voice communication options to meet the needs of any business environment WWAN: EDGE GPRS/ GSM compatibility Voice and high-speed wireless data WLAN: 802.11/b/g Cost-effective data connectivity inthe office WPAN: Bluetooth v1.2 Wireless modem, printing synchronization, and more GPS radio Supports a wide range of value-add location-based services and applications High quality speakerphone, microphone and transducer Outstanding voice quality and performance Integrated high-resolution 2MP camera; macro focus; LED flash Enables on-the-spot highquality imaging, enabling the capture of documentsas well as 1D and 2D bar codes 2.8 in. QVGA color screen Easy to view in any lighting User accessible SDIO card Ample power for full shifts in nearly any environment Multiple battery options: standard and extended Ample power for full shifts in nearly any environment Touch screen and optional keyboard functionality Allows multiple data input methods to maximize application functionality and serve…