Prepositions Sentences

The lady aboard the airplane.
The story was about the three pigs.
The man is across the street.
She will eat after the exercise.
She was eating along thetable.
She walks around the street.
He is at the hotel.
She eats before the 1 p.m.
She was hiding besides the table.
He walks behind the corner.
I was eating between the hours oflunch.
He is angry but sometimes happy.
The book was written by Mark Twain.
The tower was destroyed down.
She was talking during the math class.
The students are failing the tests.The grammar class is following by reading class.
The invitation is for Marta.
The story is from sociology class.
They entered in the building.
The gift is inside the box.
They lovechocolates like Stuart.
She is sit next to the window.
I was thinking of you.
She turns off the lights.
I was sited on the table.
She is opposite of Sara.
He is out the party.
Thebird is outside the window.
The Suizo day it’s over.
The past tense of the verb to be.
The students couldn’t find the answer of 2 per 2.
The new Pepsi combined caffeine plus ginseng.I save the game of my computer.
I have been reading this since one month ago.
I’m better than you in math.
I see through the window.
I see you throughout the mirror.
She is goingto be angry till she find it.
The invitation was send to him.
The dog was hiding under the table.
I’m always growing up.
Once upon a time there was a big dog.
Tomorrow Barcelonaversus Real Madrid.
Until you said that you love me I’ll trust you.
I’m with the wrong person.
I’m finally without homework’s.
I’m underneath these clothes.
According to this bookhealthy food is the best.
The teacher was in favor of the students.
Instead of be doing the homework he sleeps.
Because of it I am really upset.
The class was against the teacher.