What causes global warming?

Carbon dioxide and other air pollutants accumulate in the
atmosphere forming an increasingly thick layer, trapping heat from the
sun and causing global warming. Themain source of
contamination by the emission of carbon dioxide are plants
power generation from coal, then emit 2,500 million
tons per year. The second largest source, are cars,
emit nearly 1,500million tonnes of CO2 per year.

The good news: technologies exist today that
allow cars run in a more clean and burn
less gasoline, there is also modernizing the technologies that enable
powerplants and generate electricity from
clean sources. Taking these steps and also reduce the
electricity consumption by using energy efficient can help
correct the problem and prevent furtherdeterioration. The problem
is to ensure that these solutions are implemented.

Is the Earth really warming?

Yes Although local temperatures fluctuate naturally, in the
past 50 years, records show thatglobal temperature
average has risen at the fastest rate in history. In addition,
experts think the trend is accelerating: the three years
warmer than record have all occurred since 1998. TheScientists say if emissions are not reversed causing
global warming at the end of the century the average temperature
U.S. could increase from 3 to 9 degrees.

Are warmer temperatures causing badthings?

Global warming is already causing damage in many parts of the
United States. In 2002, Arizona and Oregon endured their worst
wildfire seasons in history. The same year, the
drought createdsevere dust storms in Montana, Colorado and
Kansas, and floods caused damages of $ millionaires
Texas, Montana and North Dakota. Since the beginning of the decade
1950, snow accumulation has declined60% and the seasons
winter have been shortened in some areas of the Cascade Range in
Oregon and Washington.

Of course global warming impacts are not limited to
the United States. In 2003,…