Emotions and feelings

Group dynamics

What comes first, emotions or feelings?

Emotions and feelings are very connected and very frequently difficult to differentiate the psychologists Vladimir and Maria Gessen tellus that emotions and feeling tend to be mixed up, specially because we move from one to the other; however each has characteristics that makes them different.

Feelings have extremes(pleasure-pain; love-hate) and are perdurable in time, they are the result of our experiences, they are more stable and less intense than emotions and they do not have a stimuli that triggers them; they are theresult of a series of events that leave a mark on us.

Emotions on the other hand are “an emotional state that characterizes by an organic reaction, triggered by a sensorial stimuli” (Mora, 2005) ,the emotions are accompanied by an affectionate response of great intensity that comes abruptly and overwhelms the person, this reaction diminishes quickly and if several of this emotions (of the samekind) are experienced, then a feeling is created.

According to Plutchik there are eight basic emotions that then develop into many more


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The White petals are the basic emotions and the combinations of this emotions form a new set of emotions for example aggressiveness and contempt origin annoyance, anger and rage. The closerthe emotion is to the center of the flower, the more intense this emotion is.
So in conclusion an emotion is a quick response to an stimulus and a feeling is a state of mind that is created trough…