Ejemplos del uso de wish

Make a Wish for the planet
“I wish for every people may protect & kind all living beings.” –
“I wish for all people to begin to appreciatethe magnificence of trees, and to
appreciate how much our health and happiness is most naturally & fully supported
by living within thebeauty and purity of nature, and from this awareness, for
all to therefore preserve and restore the magnificence of the natural world, and
fullyenjoy living within it, with love for all.”
I wish that people stop smoking. I wish pollustion would stop.” –
“I wish everybody would takecare of the world
“My wish for the planet is less pollution and clean air and H2O
“My wish for the planet is global warming has a cure
“My wishfor the planet is trees don’t get cut.”
“My wish for the planet is no more human destruction
“I wish people would work together to save theearth.”
“I wish more people would not cut trees.”
“I wish more people cared about our planet.”
“I wish all nature is saved.”
“I wish I wasable to save the world.”
“I wish more children and adults would conserve our natural resources.”
“I wish everyone would turn off lights theydon’t need on.”
“I wish people would recycle.”
“I wish for a better environment for my children.”
“I wish that people would grow moretrees.”
“I wish that all the children will know how important it is to take care of the earth.”
“I wish people would care about the earth.”