Egyptian women used to take care very much for your appearance, especially her hair and makeup.
Egyptian men possessed a darker skin than women, because women’s skin used to be more clear, were asymbol of purity, beauty and inactivity compared with men.
Marriage generally, used to live together at the age of 12 to 16 years without official sanction, except in a private contract signaturedetailing of each property.
Monogamy or polygamy question used to be practiced without legal or moral significance, wife and children when they were part of the assets of the husband was theirs, andcould choose to have a second wife or have her as a slave.
Divorce used to be private, which could be requested by some spouses on grounds of adultery, infertility and even the ugliness of thewife.
At the divorce she could recover their property and the possessed but returned with his parents.
Women with the exception of the royal were covering for not taking the sun, men used to wearhis naked torso, but in works such as butchery, sailors, maids, etc., used to carry her naked body.
The children used to be desired, but due to the high rate of mortality for women in labor, used toget contraceptives to prevent pregnancy followed.
Children were pampered and educated without distinction and many learned to read and write, children of noble families, used to go attend schoolat the home of the Queen.
I used to use cotton, but shortly after began using flax; the creeencia said that was the purest. The preferred color was white, though he had designs on the edges.
Themen Used to put a short skirt tied at the waist by two ends crossed schenti call.
The upper-class women used to put a long dress and tight, kalasiri called, in one piece and bound with two strapsthat covered their breasts. They wore a kind of short cape covering the shoulders, to avoid the sun.
Royalty and royal scribes used to be provided throughout the body hair on both men and women,…