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Written Project
Child abuse – sexual


Maried Fabery Steidel
December 19, 2009
Basic Conversational English
Prof. Gladys SantiagoIntroduction

Below you will find extensive summary information on the current child sexual abuse. Regarding this information, you will answer several questions: What is sexual abuse of minors? How does itaffect? Who are the troublemakers? What strategies have to settle this case?, and many more.

Child sexual abuse is the deliberate exposure of minor children to sexual activity. This means achild is forced or talked into sex or sexual activities by another person. Such abuse includes oral sex, pornography, sexual intercourse, fondling. This problem has always existed throughout the world buthas now spread much more than in previous times. Currently 80,000 cases are reported each year without major figures that are not reported.

The sexual abuse affected children tend to have lowself-esteem have no confidence in adults to feel feeling worthless, which is dirty to get her to consider suicide. People who commit this act are usually men. They tend to know the person they areabusing. The abuser violates the trust of the younger person. Abusers often have a history of physical or sexual abuse themselves.

Child sexual abuse occurs in all social and economic classesof people. It has the same type of risk factors as physical child abuse, including: alcohol and drug abuse, family troubles and poverty. Children who are abused may display disruptive behaviors suchas using alcohol and street drugs or engaging in high-risk sexual behaviors. Do poorly in school, have excessive fears and withdraw from normal activities.

To resolve this problem by myselfcould not agree that we have to put everybody on our side. But if you could make by offering guidance in schools to children, offering sessions for parents and on the streets handing out information…