February 10, 2010

UN Institute for Disarmament Research

Topic: Should a Cyber warfare International research program and fund be established?
President: Pilar Vargas Esparza 5°B(ralip_12@hot…)
Moderator: Ana Fernanda Freeman 4°B (funkygirl859@hot…)


I am sorry for the delay, but just like you I have been kind of busy with the exams, any ways Isuppose that you have already done some research on the matter. The background guide is merely an introduction for the subject and it is your obligation to investigate more about cyberwarfare.

Besides from the fact that KMUN represents the 60% of your English grade, I believe that if you give your best the committee will be more than something that you are compelled to do, itwill be interesting.

To be interesting the cooperation of all of you is essential, when a delegate is not well prepared the whole flow of the debate is missed. For that not to happen, Iwant you to know that any doubt you have don’t hesitate to ask, either your moderator or myself.

I was planning on sending you the protocol, how to do a position paper, and the backgroundguide with some helping questions, but I realized that they are already uploaded in the web page

In the paper we gave you, says that the draft position paper is forFebruary 12 that is only if you want me to check it before because they will be graded. The official do date is February 15, that day you can deliver it to me or your moderator, there will beno extensions allowed.

On February 18, we will deliver your position paper checked so you can make thee necessary amendments and deliver them again on February 22. I hope to receive veryinteresting, well informed, and helpful ideas for the proposals of your country.

Thanks for the ones that participated on the meeting held last Friday.

Sincerely, Pilar Vargas Esparza.